Sunday, November 9, 2008

Healing From Heaven

This church has a very unusual structure, which I unfortunately could not capture with my camera from the sidewalk (sorry about the bad photo!). It looks like a cross between an exotic far eastern church, a southwestern mission, and an upside down boat. But my favorite part is the sign, which reminds us that here is "where the power of God falls like rain." (Click on it to enlarge.) However, that power is unavailable to tourists:
This is the sign taped to the Healing From Heaven Temple door. Click on it to enlarge. I'm not really sure what the scripture reference has to do with sightseeing...

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JennyLu said...

reminds me of that song by an eighties hair band, "Signs signs, everywhere there's signs"

What is wrong with sight seeing at a house of worship? It is not like... well ... would it distrub the sanctuay of the church? I mean they might get new people to join the church if they allowed outsiders in to view it.