Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nothing to Sneeze At

"The longest sneezing bout lasted 978 days. Twelve-year-old Donna Griffiths of the UK started sneezing about once a minute on January 13, 1981, and did not achieve her first sneeze-free day until September 16, 1983."

I'm worried. I just recovered from a cold, and everything has been great, but yesterday I started to sneeze. I thought it was just an isolated incident because they were rearranging boxes in the back at work, kicking up dust. But ever since yesterday afternoon I have been either sneezing, or feeling constantly as if I'm about to sneeze. It's driving me crazy! I took some cold medicine, but it didn't stop the sneezing--it just made me feel like a zombie. Some friends were having a movie night last night, but I didn't go because they have a cat, and I didn't want to add real allergies to the mix. Instead, I went to the laundromat (I don't think I've done laundry since September), and sneezed in front of a really cute guy. Ugh.

Now I'm at work, trying to get stuff done, but I keep sneezing. It's embarrassing, and annoying. But worse, in a few days I'm going home for Thanksgiving, and I don't want to be sick during my vacation! Also, tomorrow we're having church at the Hammerstein Ballroom because Elder Holland is coming to town, and I really hope I'm not sneezing the whole time. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, sorry about the lack of pictures lately. A picture of me sneezing would have been gross.

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