Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Neglection

I don't know when I made the decision to do it, but at some point over the weekend I joined Facebook. You'll notice I've neglected my blog since Saturday, which is a long time for me. I feel terrible! But Facebook is an addiction that I was unprepared to deal with. Ever since I signed up, I feel compelled to log on, and add friends, and check on peoples' statuses (stati?), and fill out that big box at the top of the page that says "What are you doing right now?" Partly out of politeness (I don't ignore questions) and partly out of vanity (you want to know what I'm doing right now, really?) I continuously fill out the box and before I know it I am recording every little thing in my life, from opening my eyes in the morning to turning the page of the book I'm reading. Or, that is how I imagine its going to be soon if I don't watch out. I vow not to become one of those people like I read about in The Post the other day who are divorcing because the husband cheated on the wife in Second Life because they are both always playing Second Life and never spend any time off line together. I know nothing about Second Life, but my sister is already teasing me about Facebook and offering to be a guest writer on my blog so I can devote more time to my new obsession. So I promise, I won't go overboard. I promise not to stalk people from elementary or middle school (or any school for that matter, even though I admit I have tried to find the printmaking T.A. I had a crush on in college...), and I promise not to keep Facebook open all day at work, even though it is so tempting. Also, I promise not to join any silly groups or send people weird Facebook "gifts" that make them have to download annoying applications. And, most importantly, I promise not to neglect my blog. Now I've got to go check and see if anyone else has RSVP'd to the Facebook invite I received for a party this Friday...

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