Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Week

Last Saturday night I took a break from working on my paper because I had a free ticket to Carnegie Hall. Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette were playing jazz, and even though I'm not a huge jazz fan, it was very good. Mostly I was just happy to see Carnegie Hall--it was my first time inside. The stage is gorgeous, and I had an excellent box seat. I went with a coworker, and we got all dressed up. Why not? I have a lot of nice dresses that I never get to wear, so we decided we'd go all out. So to round out the night we met up at this really fancy restaurant for drinks (well, she had a drink--I had a piece of chocolate cake) and then we made our way over to Carnegie Hall to see the jazz. The show was great, although I think Keith Jarrett is a little full of himself. They played three encores--possibly more, because after they came back out for the third time, Dali and I left. We were going to head over to the Iguana for some salsa dancing, but the cover charge was too high... and it was probably a good thing because I already felt guilty for neglecting my paper. But how could I have passed up a free ticket to Carnegie Hall?

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