Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally, I'm Done!

So the day has come at last. I handed in three copies of my final thesis this afternoon, and now I'm officially done with my Master's program! I'm in a state of denial, because I can't really believe how fast the whole year went by. And I'm kind of in shock because I always thought people with Master's degrees were super smart, and now I'm about to be one, and I don't feel that smart. Mainly, I feel tired and hungry and exhausted, because I've been up every night for the past week until 2 or 3 in the morning, and worked full days at my job. Lesson: never ever procrastinate your thesis! Then again, it's not as if I had the most boring of summers, and laid around doing nothing.

I'm not even blogging coherently right now. What I need to do is make a list. So here's what I'm going to do next:

1. Lay around.
2. Clean my room which is messier than I've ever seen it in my life. But not until I get my energy back.
3. Stop drinking Diet Coke. I'm not an addict, I swear. I've been taking it for the caffeine this week to stay awake, but it backfires, because then when I want to sleep, I can't.
4. Re-pot my plants, which are dying of neglection (that should be a word.)
5. Be nice to my sister, who has had to suffer through my craziness this past week.
6. Read books again. And magazines. And week-old newspapers.
7. Watch the Net-flix movie that is buried somewhere under my pile of a room, which I've had for about 4 weeks now.
8. Catch up on reading other people's blogs.
9. Buy groceries. I've subsisted on cheerios for a week. Thank goodness for vitamin fortified milk!
10. Do laundry. They finally hooked us up! $1 laundry on our floor, just three steps out of our door!
11. Start running again.
12. Sleep.

Ahhhhh. It feels good to be back.


jeff said...

Congratulations, Master Holly. I'm glad the neglection of your blog will now end.

Lis said...

Neglection is my new favorite word. My whole life is in neglection, too. And I am so happy for you and your fabulous thesis! Do you have a spare for peeps to read?

Donnie Barnes said...

My blog has suffered much neglection until today. I'm near entry number four for today after not touching it for two weeks! Bad, bad, bad.

But I'm really happy you're back!

JennyLu said...

yea! Congrats on finishing that and what a list to work through. LOL. Start with blogging!