Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Dream

My sister found a store in the east village that sells all kinds of things from Japan, which she loves. Unfortunately, I guess not many other people love it, because it's going out of business. However, she was able to go buy a ton of stuff on sale, like origami paper and what she terms "cute things." Like this cell phone holder, for example. Now, I wasn't aware that a cell phone required such a holder, let alone a cushy thing resembling a fruit with a smiling face. But you must admit she's right. It is cute.
My favorite thing she found was a notebook with plain lined pages on the inside. And an inspiring quote on the cover. Next to a random picture of a chair it says, "One dream will come true today." I like it. The Japanese are good at coming up with inspiring and positive slogans for everyday objects, which I think is something we Americans should learn from.

So what dream will come true today?

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