Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've Still Got New York

Speaking of Marcel Duchamp, I came across some inspiring words from him:

"New York is itself a work of art, a complete work of art. Its growth is harmonious, like the growth of ripples that come on the water when a stone has been thrown into it. And I believe that your idea of demolishing old buildings, old souvenirs, is fine. It is in line with that so much misunderstood manifesto issued by the Italian Futurists which demanded, in symbol only however (though it was taken literally) the destruction of the museums and libraries. The dead should not be permitted to be so much stronger than the living. We must learn to forget the past, to live our own lives in our own time."

"I am interested in what there is to do, not in what I have done."

Suddenly, I'm coming up with burgeoning lists of things to do, projects to begin, artworks to produce, as if the onset of spring and the death of my own past is causing a surge of life to bubble up from unknown depths within. Last night I dreamt I was in hand-to-hand mortal combat with terrorists, and I won. This life never fails to amaze me.


Donnie Barnes said...

In your dream, were crochet needles used as instruments of death to terrorists? There could be some really cool symbolism in that.

Plus, I'm trying to picture in my head what your sister would draw in response to your dream. It's really just not working for me, though. But you could add a really funny bubble to that picture of you sleeping all the time from back when you were sick, I guess.

I do enjoy quotes from powerful (usually political) figures from the past when they are scared of the change some new type (or piece) of art might represent. History is littered with them...and the funny thing is they often come from people who professed to be very historically literate. Hmmph.

Lady Holiday said...

No, I wrestled with the terrorists until I was able to get one of their semi-automatic weapons and use it on them--can you believe that? I don't know where my brain comes up with these things. I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately, though. It's my therapy.