Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was the best day. It was a rare Saturday on which I did not have to work, and the break could not have come at a better time. I slept in, but not too late, and took advantage of the quiet morning to buy groceries when the lines were short. Actually, it's funny--I almost started a fight at the grocery store! In line behind a rough-looking young man, I helped him when his cart got stuck on a pile of baskets next to the register. Then I started to load my groceries onto the conveyer belt as his groceries were scanned. In order to place my empty basket in the pile of other baskets, I had to remove someone's discarded box of twinkies and put it on the floor. But the lady behind me saw me do that and exclaimed, "Surely you cannot put that on the floor! Someone is going to eat that. Put it back in that basket at once!" Still sleepy from rolling out of bed, I complied with her, and that was that. But the man in front of me took offense at her scolding me, grabbed the box of twinkies and marched them over to the customer service desk himself. Then he started berating the woman, saying "This is America!" and "What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong!" and other things under his breath, which I didn't catch. I just tried to lay low and be neutral. Eventually, the man finished paying for his groceries, gathered them up and left, and I wished him a good day. Then I turned to the woman behind me and smiled, saying that she was right--twinkies shouldn't be on the floor. Who would think that a simple trip to the grocery store could require such diplomacy?

Well, the rest of the day was much more calm and relaxing. My sister went to work (she has a job--yay!!!) and I settled in for a leisurely day. I listened to podcasts on my computer and crocheted. Then when it was time, I curled up in a sunbeam and listened to General Conference, with my heart open to the inspiration I knew I would feel. I was not disappointed. The talks seemed aimed at comforting my troubled heart and were a soothing balm to my scorched spirit. I am so blessed to have the church and the Gospel in my life.

All day I crocheted, read, listened, and rested. When evening came and Conference ended, I went out for a good run through the neighborhood. It was delicous running past boys playing basketball, kids riding bikes, the park full of children playing and parents socializing, trees issuing forth their first buds and stray daffodils poking through trash in vacant lots. I even found a penny on the sidewalk. The gargoyles on the buildings of City College seemed to laugh at me, and I noticed a gorgeous mosaic of St. John on a church I'd never seen before, where people parked on the curb were unloading large pans of food and carrying them inside for some event. The life of this city is so beautiful, so rich--I see something fascinating every time I step outside my door.

Back at home, my sister arrived and celebrated her new job with a dozen donuts (By the way, they are building a Dunkin Donuts two short blocks from my house! This is going to be dangerous.) Her boyfriend came over and we played Scrabble to our hearts content. It was probably as near-perfect a day as I can imagine, all things considered. And today promises to be just as nice.

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