Thursday, April 17, 2008


I had fun today. The end.

No, I really am going to write a quick blog about my day, because it was a good one, and I've been neglecting my blog these past few days. But its super late and I'm exhausted, so this will be quick. So I gave my thesis presentation in the morning, which went really well despite my ominous dreams last night about it. It was the last day of presentations, so everyone was giddy and happy. After class I had an hour to kill before work so I found a sunny spot on Park Avenue to eat my lunch and people-watch. Sometimes being in New York is like being in a foreign city. I heard conversations in at least three languages from the business people eating lunch around me, and none of it was English. Such a pretty day. It was sunny and breezy, and I felt like I was at the beach--in a good way.

Work was fine--it went by fast. And I found out that I don't have to come in on Saturday because of the Pope. He's in town and apparently will be in the midtown area on Saturday (probably at one of the big cathedrals) so everyone needs a special security pass to be in the area. Rather than give me one, my boss said to just take the day off. Fine with me--I was wishing for a day in the park, and now I've got it!

After work I headed up to Harlem for Amateur Night at the Apollo, which takes place every Wednesday night. It's an Apollo tradition--it's how Gladys Knight and many other greats got their start. My friend Jeff was performing a comedy routine, so his friends were out in full force to cheer for him. For those of you who don't know, it's a talent-night where selected people get to go up and perform either a song or dance or what-have-you and the audience can either cheer or boo. The performer with the loudest cheers wins. Poor Jeff got booed off the stage, but I think it was because of all of us. We cheered so loudly when he came onstage that I think it made the rest of the audience boo just to be contrary. So between the mounting cheers and escalating boos, no-one could even hear Jeff and the "executioner" led him away. The whole show was really great though. It's such a slice of old New York, and I plan to go back and watch it again one of these days.

After the show everyone in our group headed to Becca's house for a soul-food feast on the roof. That girl is my hero. Home-style macaroni and cheese and fried chicken and yams... And the view from her rooftop on a clear spring night was just amazing.

Now, after a long, good day, I'm going to sleep.

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