Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bits of Happiness

Three reasons to be happy:

1. Pepperidge Farms cookies on sale at Pathmark.
2. Six extraordinarily good-looking firemen behind me in line at Pathmark. (Although, why were there six of them buying just two boxes of toothpicks?)
3. Finally getting around to doing my taxes, only to find that I'm getting the biggest tax return of my life this year. It pays to be a student!

Also, we looked at the art of Gerald Murphy today in class (pictured: Razor, 1924) and I really like his style. He was a socialite turned artist, friends with Picasso and Fitzgerald and all the fun fashionable jet-setters of the 20s. But he sounded like a good guy--a family man. Supposedly the three stars in the painting represent his three children.

Another thing made me smile today. I fell asleep before the end of the NCAA championship game last night and woke up late this morning so I rushed to work. When I got there I asked Joe, the security guard, "Who won the game last night?" Without a pause, he said, "The Yankees." I love New York.

1 comment:

Donnie Barnes said...

Wow, I love that painting for some reason.

I suggest starting a self-discipline program now against things like cookies that are on sale. I used to be skinny, but when you get old you have to watch the cookie thing. Argh.

And there's a joke about how many government employees it takes to screw in a light bulb in there with that toothpick thing somewhere, I can feel it.

I love the Yankees story, too. That's sooooooooo NY.