Saturday, January 23, 2010


The package I received from my mom today included:

-The lotion I accidentally left behind at Christmas
-The makeup I accidentally left behind at Christmas
-A pattern for a "pioneer" dress
-A pattern for a retro-style apron
-My high school graduation tassel
-A book of Edna St. Millay poetry
-An old bejeweled hairclip I thought I'd lost
-An old mesh T-shirt that E used to own

Treasures, all.


m.o.m said...

I also had in there a news clipping about Robert Mitchum the day that he passed on, but at the last minute I took it out and threw it away thinking you would think I was way too sentimental. And to tell the truth...I am. Love ya.

Lady Holiday said...

Aw, mom! You are sentimental, but who says that's a bad thing? I love you too!!! Thanks for sending my stuff.