Friday, January 8, 2010

Contains No Fruit Juice

Okay, so (if you couldn't tell from my last post) I'm just blogging about random things today because I've been home sick with a cold and the isolation is apparently making me go crazy. Oh well. As Don Quixote, I gladly "lay down the melancholy burden of sanity," and embrace eccentricity. As an eccentric, there is nothing wrong with eating ice cream and a pop tart for lunch, salt and vinegar potato chips for dinner, and napping the day away. I probably won't be out fighting any windmills, but I did venture out to the grocery store, which was a mistake because I wasn't in my right mind and so ended up with "orange flavored breakfast beverage" instead of juice. Nope, it says right on the carton: "Contains no fruit juice." Then again, it's such a pretty carton.

I'm pretty sure I set out to blog about something in particular, but I've completely forgotten now, and I see no reason to continue this ridiculous post.

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