Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baptist Church of Broadway

It's a rainy day in Harlem, which makes this particular church apt for today's pick. I think the name of it translates into Baptist Church of Broadway. My friend Garrett always used to refer to rainy days as baptisms of a sort, so there you go. Also, it was really close to my house so I didn't have far to walk on such a nasty day. This is a Dominican/Mexican neighborhood, so of course the sign is in Spanish. The church is on the second story of a particularly beautiful old building. Peter says that someday when he is rich he's going to buy that building and turn it into his home, where he will keep a wife and raise ten kids. "That is, if I ever get the chance to spawn at all," he says. And the very fact that he calls it "spawning" might be one reason why he's single. I'm just saying. (Sorry, readers... where am I going with this?) At any rate, I can't complain because Peter is coming over tonight and making highbrow crepes for my roommates and I. He's such a good neighbor.

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Just Julie said...

This picture makes me nostalgic for my old neighborhood; getting off/getting on the subway and seeing this church everyday.