Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week One

My goal to read the Book of Mormon entirely by the end of the year is progressing well. Ten pages a day is doable, although there have been a few days, I must admit, that I just did not read, so I ended up doing double reading the next day (triple reading in one instance! oops.) so I need to get into a better routine, which is actually one of the reasons why I started this goal. I would like scripture reading to be a daily habit, so I've just got to find the best place to insert it into my regular pattern.

So, I've reached page 70 which puts me smack dab in 2nd Nephi at the end of Chapter 7. Lehi has seen a vision, emigrated with his family and friends out of a corrupt Jerusalem, and the whole group has crossed wilderness and oceans to find a promised land. Through it all, Nephi testifies of the coming of a Savior to the earth, and he sees Jesus Christ in vision. He learns that if he puts his trust in the Lord, he will be able to accomplish any task and overcome trials. His family is promised that as long as they keep the commandments of God, they will be blessed with safety and freedom. From the very beginning it is clear that this book is indeed "another testament of Jesus Christ," which is evident in the prophecies of Lehi and Nephi, the words they speak to their families, and the words of the prophet Isaiah, which Nephi shares.

One chapter describes how Lehi sends his sons back to Jerusalem on a fairly dangerous mission to get the scriptures, so that they would have the word of God with them as they journeyed to start a new life across the earth. Back then there were no paperback copies of the Bible, not even close. The words of past prophets were engraved on metal plates or stones and would have been a hindrance for Lehi's family as they traveled, but they knew the importance of having the words of God with them along their journey, and for future generations. I feel the same way. As I read my scriptures each day, my heart is filled with the messages that they contain--words of hope, love, strength, and warning--and I would not want to journey through life without them. This is exactly what I was hoping to have happen as I read daily. I want to be continuously reminded of God's love for me through the words of his prophets, so that when I have questions, face discouragement, or encounter temptations, the scriptures will be fresh in my mind, ready to buoy me.

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