Thursday, November 12, 2009

French Accent

Next week at work we are having a special event sponsored by the French Trade Commission, with featured jewelry by French artists, and we've been walking around joking about the impending "French Invasion." So when I opened the mail today and found this booklet I laughed. C'est la vie.

My newest find. I found this cute booklet randomly on etsy and just had to have it, even if it did cost a little more than ten cents. It was printed in 1939 and is full of instructions on how to make about ten different elegant and glamorous crocheted tops in the "latest" French styles.

I'm so excited to make a few of these crocheted blouses for myself--when I retire. Sigh... I have a long list of other projects to finish before I'll have time for these, but they are still fun to look at. And the captions are just as entertaining: "Young career women, attention! With its smart bib front and interesting stitch, this blouse will get ahead in the fashion world."

Why don't modern crochet magazines have anything like this? And again, seriously, can I please have more time in the day to make all the things I want to make?

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