Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hermit Crab Time

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I moved into this apartment in Harlem. I've really grown to love this little cozy place, with all of its quirks, and yet I think the time has come to move again. Our lease is up, and E and S are going their separate ways, but I thought I'd have no problem finding new roommates. There has always seemed to be an endless flux of people moving to New York, right? But it has not proved to be as easy as I thought, and with one more week to go before the end of June and no roommates lined up, I am in a quandary.

However, some fun friends just signed a lease on a place up north a little ways, in Hamilton Heights. It's a three bedroom place, much like my current place, only a little bigger in some respects, and cheaper rent. The kitchen is not as wonderful, and the closet situation is a little bit sad, but overall its a really nice place. So they want me to live with them, and I think they'd be great roommates. The only problem is that E and I had agreed that we'd stick it out in our current place through at least July, thinking that we would have new roommates in place to take over S's room and E's room when she moves out in late July. So, my friends are moving into the new place next week and I'm stuck here for another month. I don't want to pay double rent... but I want a place to live! And not only do I have double rent to think about, I have one extra room here, since S is moving out and there is no new roommate. So that makes triple rent.

So the two options are to either pay triple rent, or find subletters for my new place and S's old room here to cover July. That way I won't go broke paying for everything during the transition, and I won't lose my spot in the new place. I feel like a hermit crab in that transition stage when it has to find a new shell and then quickly transfer its soft vulnerable body into the new shell, hoping everything fits just right. I hope I'm making the right choice, I'm hoping I will not regret leaving this nice little apartment, I'm hoping I will not hate my new home. And I hope I can find subletters!

Does anyone want to come sublet a fantastic room in my apartment? Is anyone planning a trip to New York in July? Do you have friends who are? Tell them about the Lady Holiday Hotel. I am currently taking reservations for weekends, a week, or the whole month if you'd like. You would get your own room and I would treat you like a bed & breakfast guest and make you pancakes every morning, and bake you chocolate chip cookies to munch on at night. Seriously, anything to help cover the cost of July's triple rent would be truly appreciated!

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Just Julie said...

Good luck Holly. It seems whenever you need a subletter you can't get one. If I have any friends making a trip out there I'll let them know about your Hotel!