Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tar Heel Time

The Tar Heels had it goin' on last night! Actually, it was kind of a boring game, because they stayed so far ahead of Michigan the entire time. It's hard to be so good sometimes. I had the pleasure of watching most of the game with friends in Harlem. While E (dressed in her finest Tar Heel attire) and I may have been the only true Carolina fans there, our (true) friends humored us by cheering for our team, and I think we fairly convinced them that our team is the best.

The thing that makes me laugh is how New York pretty much ignores basketball, whereas in North Carolina basketball is bigger than religion to some folks. In the morning, getting ready for work, I always listen to the local NPR station, and even though they said some stuff about the Yankees, there was no mention of basketball. Nothing in the papers. In fact, the cover story on one newspaper was about something that happened two days ago. Don't these people realize that there were riots in the streets of Chapel Hill last night? That there were college kids climbing street-lamps, tearing down signs, building fires out of trash and jumping over them as fireworks filled the sky? We won!!!!!!!!

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