Monday, April 13, 2009

Lunch Break Notes

I like it when, although I've dreaded going back to work all Sunday evening and Monday morning, I finally get there and it's not so bad after all. There are definitely places I'd rather be than at work, but at least there are macaroons to snack on, friendly colleagues, and the sense that I am accomplishing something, even if it's just balancing a list of payments and payouts to and from a watch dealer. I feel satisfaction in my ability to do my job, and happiness that I am earning a living for myself. It's nice to know that I am capable, healthy, and (somewhat) smart. It's nice to have enough tasks to make the morning fly by. Lunchtime is nice, too. I enjoy going outside into a sunny spring afternoon, with the air cold in the shade and warm in the sun. It's nice to eat a brown-bagged lunch while reading the latest Paste magazine interview with M. Ward, and people watch. The sunshine makes me a little sleepy, but the cool April breeze refreshes. Running errands, it's nice to have stamps in my wallet so I can avoid the long lines at the post office. And its nice to rush back to work, only to find I have a few minutes left on my break to blog a little.

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