Saturday, January 17, 2009

The War Within Me

Sorry to be going on and on about my sickness, but its obviously been at the forefront of my mind this past week. I hate being sick! But I am also sort of fascinated by the war going on within my body. I've come to the conclusion that it probably isn't this guy (the robotic cold virus) who has infiltrated my immune system:
Instead, I think I have influenza, (as pictured on the right). That's disgusting, you say? I know. And to think it all could have been prevented by the flu shot, which E got a few months ago. She urged me to get it too, but I laughed it off and took my chances. I gambled, and lost. E remains unscathed by the germs that inflict me, while I suffer the effects of a body under siege by tiny spiky mutant cell-pirates. So, sorry Dad--your zinc lozenges won't help me now. All I can do is drug myself up with Mucinex, Robitussin, water and vitamins, get tons of sleep, and hope for the best.

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