Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There Ought To Be a Holiday

I believe that inauguration day should be a national holiday, especially when a brand new president is sworn in. We should have all been able to be at home with our television on, watching the crowds in Washington, hearing Aretha sing, and listening to the words of our new president. Luckily, my boss loves Obama, so when it was time for the swearing in, she let everyone gather around the biggest screen available and watch the proceedings. Unfortunately, everyone in the world was trying to stream the inauguration online, so the visuals didn't really work, but with the radio giving us live clear signal, we didn't miss a thing. I thought it was wonderful. I'm not a Republican hater, or a Democrat lover. I tend to walk a middle ground--I just love my nation. And I don't think anyone who loves this country could help but be moved by the sincere words spoken by Mr. Obama today. It was a momentous occasion, for many reasons, and it was so great to be able to live it in the moment it happened instead of have to wait and catch it later on the news. Yes, I would have rather been watching in my living room, in pajamas, or out in Times Square with the crazies, rather than at work, but it was still great.

On the way home, I found myself in a subway car plastered with Pepsi ads. I didn't realize they were for Pepsi at first, though--it just seemed like a continuation of the day's theme. I was just going to insert a picture of one of the ads, but this was the only thing I could find, so if you watch this, imagine being in a subway car with these colorful images bombarding you from all sides.

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