Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From the Peanut Gallery

Since I don't have word verification on the comment section of my blog, every now and then I get some random upstarts trying to link my blog to their websites selling discount shoes, cosmetics, or body-enhancing products. While this can be mildly annoying, I actually kind of enjoy it because instead of just attaching their link, these people feel it necessary to insert some sort of realistic sounding comment. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure English isn't their first language, because their sentences are just too funny. For example, a message from early this morning: It seems my language skills need to be strengthened, because I totally can not read your information, but I think this is a good blog. Um, thanks? Then, there was this one: Good Blog, I think I want to find me, I will tell my other friends, on all! Hey, I'm flattered.


mother said...

I am disheartened to see that tomorrow Obama's first order of business is to over turn Bush's policy of banning money spent for abortions throughout the world. Isn't it interesting that his first business as our president is to kill life, the very Americans that he claims he is defending, and not only our babies, but the world's babies. "Let us remember these timeless words...with hope and virtue....let it be said by our children's children...and with eyes fixed on the horizon with God's grace upon us... I think George Washington who said those words would be appalled and saddened to see the sanctity of life so proliferously snuffed out. Who speaks for the children's children? Our new pro-abortion president will not.

Lady Holiday said...

Mother, maybe YOU should have a blog.