Friday, January 2, 2009


This is what my dad got for Christmas, and I'm totally jealous! This is it. I'm going to learn how to motorcycle-ride if its the last thing I do. (And hopefully it won't be!) Which brings me to a random thought I've often pondered. We call bicycles "bikes." We call motorcycles "bikes." There should be a different word. The only problem is that the logical abbreviation for motorcycle, following the pattern of bicycle=bike is motorcycle=mike, and that just won't do. That reminds me of something really funny I read in the paper today, which I hope won't offend my parents if they read this. (As a disclaimer, I have nothing against the vice president--I'm sure he's a nice guy) That said, the newspaper article (I think it was the Post, so no surprises here) was talking about the comedian lady on CNN who was broadcasting live with Anderson Cooper and how she got really upset by a heckler in the audience and started spouting profanities. Apparently she made some sort of awful comment and used the D-word (not that one, the other one) on live television. The newspaper article then said that "CNN normally refrains from airing the D-word except in reference to the vice president." It wasn't meant to be a joke, but I burst out laughing so hard, and couldn't stop for a long time. Poor Dick Cheney. Then again, he could go by "Richard" if he really wanted to.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, motorcycles. (Drool, drool...) There really ought to be a better word than "bike" to describe such a magnificent machine, and to quell confusion in conversation. For now I guess we'll just have to call Dad's new Harley a hawwg.


Donnie Barnes said...

Very nice. I do like that "bike." But if I were gonna buy a Harley it would be this:

It's a "throwback" bike...very much based on an old racing bike that Harley had. The original would be cool, too. Which would YOUR choice be, biker chick? :-)

BTW, if you ever get serious about the motorcycle bug, let me know. I can point you in the right direction on learning to ride SAFELY and help you find a great starter bike.

Lady Holiday said...

I like your pick, Donnie. My choice? I'm not picky--I like most anything thats not too tour-y, too chopper-y, too plastic, or too scooter-y. Like I said before, I'd be fine with a simple Honda Rebel or Yamaha Virago. Anyway, I'm looking into taking a class to learn to ride, but I won't be doing any biking around the city--even driving a car freaks me out here.

Anonymous said...

I've never really liked Harleys much, but the VROD engine is different - Porsche-designed - I drove it most of the way home after buying it and it ran kinda ho-hum like other v-twins I've had, but then I discovered some uncharted territory from 4500 to the 8800 rpm redline. The flapping-in-the-breeze-behind-the-handlebars factor is like NOS and turbo boost at the same time, and suddenly the scenary is going by way too fast. I like it.



Anonymous said...

This is the same exhaust & tuning setup as my "mike." It's even more fun looking forward.



Lis said...

Motorcycles still scare me, but that is an aesthetically-pleasing mike there, for sure :)

Man, that Dick Cheney story is funny.