Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Good Day

For those of you who may wonder why I put pictures of random Harlem churches on my blog... it's just something I like to do every Sunday for no particular reason. Sunday=church, plus there are a billion churches in Harlem and they endlessly fascinate me, so there you go. It's my blog--I can do what I want. Isn't there something charming about this one? Do you know that the corner bricks, that are larger than the rest and sort of protruding, are called quoins? That's your architectural terminology lesson of the day.

On my blog, I can talk about myself as much as I want to. I'm feeling much better, by the way! The antibiotics have successfully killed the enemy bacteria that were infecting my sinuses, and the war is almost completely won. All that remains is a gravelly cough. I'm delighted to be healthy again! So I'm taking advantage of all my new-found energy and catching up on stuff like laundry and cleaning. Because the other great news is that the washer and dryer on my floor have been working great. They used to be out of order constantly, but so far so good, and it's so nice not to have to schlep to the laundromat on a 20 degree day. I'm very happy. And I'm happy that I can go to church today--last week I was all but bedridden. So you see, it's going to be a very good day.


tkangaroo said...

I adore your churches. If someone has a problem with them, tell them they have to take me on West Side Story style. :) So glad you are feeling better!

Lady Holiday said...

Thanks T! I'm glad you love my churches. I wasn't reacting to any sort of complaint--it just dawned on me that some newer readers of my blog might be confused by the random pictures each week and wonder what was going on. And also remind people that blogs are about self-indulgence, really, mine included. :)

Red said...

i(h) u'r churches! I thought u just said over on my blog that u loved the l'mat. Hee Hee. U should go by Complaint Departmet (on my blog roll) and see the dish he turned up about a church I imagine is near him