Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three Wishes

I wish I were snorkeling in the Caribbean right now.
I wish I could carry big bundles of laundry balanced on my head, as I walk to and from the laundromat.
I wish I could find a new place to live.


Pamela said...

I was sweeping in my bathroom this morning and I came across the bottle of broken glass pieces that you collected along the shores of the mediterranean. I looked at the mixture of opaline glass, some large, some small and each shaped differently. The ocean tides had smoothed the rough edges and lapped around each piece until it became its own unique form. Life sifts us the same way, with the ebb and tide of ups and downs, we are tumbled and tossed, although at times we glide over the sandy shore. Our edges become smoother, and our trust in the one who fixed the sun that moves the tides becomes stronger. And I was also thinking that with every loss, something is gained. Sometimes it's just feeling more grateful for the simple things and discovering that the ebb and flow of the tide is more than the ups and downs of life, but a kind Heavenly Father shaping and molding us into finer stuff fit for his kingdom.
I held the bottle of glass up to the window and I saw a mosaic of
cool ocean colors, translucent and smooth and most of all peaceful. I could almost feel the waves hugging me.
Love Marmie

Lady Holiday said...

I'm at work and you're making me cry. I love you, M.O.M.!