Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Project #1

This is my next project. I'm going to crochet this dress in a dark navy yarn with gold sparkle built-in to make it look more formal. I'm obsessed with crocheting dresses! I have 5 more patterns lined up to do after this one. It's just really satisfying to be able to wear something I've made myself. It's different from everything else, and I like to be different. If all goes well, I'll have this dress done by July 12, when I'll be attending the fabulous grand-opening party for the new Somerhill Gallery.


Lis said...

Um, remember how I always say you are the coolest person I know?


Lady Holiday said...

I'm serious--let's go into business together. I just want to sit around and make things all day, and have a boutique that sells all my stuff as well as all the amazing stuff there is on designsponge and etsy and junk.