Friday, May 30, 2008

Things That Frustrate Me Include:

1. This article about bananas. I can't even contemplate a world without bananas.
2. Tattoos on really nice guys bodies, esp. the back. Why would you ruin such beauty?
3. My sister telling me that she helped a famous actress at her store today but she can't remember the woman's name or what movies she was in, only that she kind of looked like Andie Macdowell, but wasn't her.
4. The Jason Bourne movies, which I just watched for the first time this week. They actually caused me to have really intense dreams, but I was disappointed in the 2nd movie, which I found to be too farfetched, and was completely bored by the 3rd which seemed to just be the 2nd movie all over again. But I liked the 1st one a lot, so that's one good thing.
5. I can't find my mp3 player anywhere, and I'm afraid its gone for good.
6. The post office in my hometown has suddenly and inexplicably started forwarding all of my family's mail to my sister instead of just her own mail!

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