Thursday, May 8, 2008


Is that how they spell rain-check in England? For that matter, is it raincheck or rain-check? I'm too tired to think. It's been a very busy past few days! And I'm not going to have time to tell the story of Radio City Music Hall, but I promise I will eventually. Probably when I get back from London. That's right--I'm going across the ocean on Saturday!

I should be able to blog a time or two while I'm there, but I will apoligize in advance if I'm more absent from the blogspot than usual. I'll definitely have a lot to tell you when I get back.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the sights of Harlem. I can't remember if I've ever mentioned it, but there is a store on 125th Street called "Home-Boy Jewelry." You can't make these things up. There is always a guy outside the store playing a boombox and selling bootleg mix cds. My other favorite signs in the area are on 145th Street, in the window of "Sisters" a hair salon. The handwritten sign advertises the new spring styles: "Wave Nouveau" and the "Carefree Curl." I don't even know why, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

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