Sunday, May 25, 2008

Animals Everywhere

Today it seemed like there were animals everywhere. On the way home from church this girl and guy had little pet rats crawling around on their shoulders. It was kind of disgusting, but some people think rats are really cute. The funny part was the guy sitting behind me and my sister. He saw the girl with the rat in her hand and he said to the lady with him, "Don't turn around. That girl has mices all over her!" Then he turned to the girl with the rat and said, "Do you know you have a rat in your bag?" My sister and I were alternating between laughing outloud and making faces at the yuckiness of the rats.

So then, since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, we decided to go to Central Park to join in the basking. We went to Sheep's Meadow, which was full of half-naked people lying in the sun. It was like a beach with no beach. It was really nice though, because the grass was cool and lush and we had snacks, and played Scrabble. (Ugh! I can't believe my sister is better at Scrabble than I am now. I used to beat everyone...) But at one point I looked over at some people nearby and this man had a huge snake around his shoulders! It was some kind of python or boa constrictor--I'm not up on my snakes. He had no shirt on, and had it draped around his shoulders, no doubt to attract as much attention as possible. It's a good thing the girl with the rats didn't go near that guy.

Near the park there was a pet adoption agency with a huge truck full of cats that needed homes. A big man was calling out to the passing crowd, "Come and get your purrrfect pet!" We stopped and looked at the kittens for a minute. Then, on the subway home it seemed like every other lady had a little dog in her bag. Lucky dogs--they don't have to pay the subway fare.

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Lis said...

I think your first paragraph was taken directly out of my nightmares. I would have passed out right there on the street.