Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Don't Remember Where I Left Off

So I think I was talking in my last post about going to Millford Plantation, which was by far the most beautiful and elaborate house we saw. It is currently owned by a man who restored it and lives in it part of the time, so it had a mixture of new and old furniture within it, but it was fun to try and use my developing "connoisseur" skills to determine what was right for the period and what was a modern interpretation. Dang it--I wish I had pictures to show!

Millford was so much fun. We had lunch on the porch and got to try out a "joggling board" which seems to be a South Carolina favorite. It's kind of a cross between a rocking chair, a bench, and a see-saw, and so much fun. I also impressed my classmates by going into the old barn on the plantation, which looked completely beautiful on the outside, with columns to match the nearby mansion, but which was filled with bats on the inside. I stepped inside and heard a strange squeaking noise coming from all around me, and then I realized what it was. The barn has wooden tubes for sending hay from the upper floor down into each stall for the horses to eat, and apparently the bats have made these their homes. I'm not afraid of bats, luckily, and I thought it was great that they were there, because South Carolina needs all the insect-eaters it can get! But I though the bats sleep during the day--why were they all squeaking?

Anyway, what else can I tell you about my trip? I just had a wonderful time, and enjoyed every moment of it. I will definitely go back to Charleston again!

Now I am back in a cold gray Northern city... but it's really fun to see my sister again--it was wierd being away from her. Now that we have been roommates for the past 6 months, I feel like we are closer than we have ever been, and I love it. She's got a boyfriend now, though, so I can't have her all to myself anymore.

She had news to tell me--things that happened while I was away. There was a crane that collapsed part of a building in mid-town, and there was some kind of shooting on our street one night! No one was hurt, but my sister heard a fight, a shot, and then there were police everywhere, she said. Don't tell my mom!!!

Well, I suppose I should unpack my suitcase, although I'm just going to have to pack it up again in a few days when I go on another fun trip!

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