Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sewing Project

I'm home sick with a cold.  Blah.  But the good thing about being home sick with a cold is that I get to sleep in until noon, eat cookies for breakfast, eat potato chips for lunch, and get caught up on my sewing.  Here is my latest project: a paintbrush holder for E.  She is an art major in college now and needs a cute way to carry around her paint supplies.  The brushes fit in the slots and the whole thing rolls up, then is tied with a soft ribbon.

For the outer fabric I used a heavyweight cotton twill from printed in a floral design by Zesti.  The inside is lined with quilting-weight cotton in a gray linen-esque chevron design by Holli Zollinger.  The roll is large enough for my sister's longest paintbrush, 14.5 inches, but can accomodate anything a bit larger or much smaller too.  Basically, the brushes fit into the slots and are further secured by two strips of elastic.  Maybe two strips of elastic was overkill, but at least they all will be secure!

I'm thinking of making some more of these to sell on etsy.  But not today... It's time to go back to bed and watch movies, since this day is supposed to be all about rest and recovery.

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westendgirl said...

It's SOOO cute! I can't wait to get it!