Saturday, August 6, 2011


Look, I coined a new word! I guess the word trivialities might also suit. Here are some:

My favorite show to watch on Saturday night is Keeping Up Appearances, an old BBC comedy about a pretentious British lady and her long-suffering husband. Hyacinth Bucket (it's pronounced Bouquet!) goes to great lengths to make sure the sort of people who eat off Royal Doulton china don't find out she's related to Daisy and Onslow who live in happy squalor with their other sister, Rose, who is dramatically fond of other women's husbands. I don't know why I love it so much, but I just do.

One of the reasons I can't blog much these days is because my computer freaks out in hot weather. It's doing it now! You don't know it but it just deleted everything I wrote, and I had to type it again. I have to hold my hands up high off the keyboard as I type or else the touch pad thinks I'm touching it, because it's all hot and can't differentiate what is what. Sigh... Also, the internet that I steal from across the street disconnects me every fifteen minutes, like it just did now. I will have to save these paragraphs when I'm done typing, reconnect, then log back on to blogger and publish my post. Sigh... We keep saying we're going to get real internet, but we never do for some reason.

Today my husband spent four and a half hours touching up scuff marks in the LDS chapel where we attend church. He's not a member. But he's very excited about the stain pens he ordered from an online company. He didn't finish all the pews--there are a lot and it's slow work, but we'll go back sometime and do the rest. While he worked on that I worked on genealogy in the family history center. I'm trying to find out when my husband's ancestors immigrated from Germany to Canada, but I have had no luck. I'm starting to wonder if there is any record out there with that information at all.

After our work at the church we visited with my family, and I got to see my mom again, back from her trip to Utah. Oh, that reminds me! I forgot to tell her that the airline called to say they found her lost luggage and would be delivering it this evening. Oops. Well, she'll get it. They had sent it to El Salvador instead, by mistake of course. My mom was staying with her mom, who turns 90 this October. My grandma lives all alone and I worry about her. Maybe she'll come out here and stay with my parents. I would love to see her again. Last time was a couple of years ago. I want my husband to meet her. Maybe I will write more about my grandma in a blog post of her own.

I don't even really know what got me to write tonight. Just felt like it, I guess. We came home from my parents house, I ate a zucchini, read the Wall Street Journal, wandered around for a few minutes sneezing (I guess from the cats at my parents' house), then sat down to write this. I guess I'll let my computer cool down now. I'm going to go watch my show, take an allergy pill, eat some ice cream, and relax.


Donnie Barnes said...

We miss your blogging!

And if the "hot weather" problem is with your Macbook, it needs its battery replaced. It's swelled, and it swells a little worse when hot, and it's under the touchpad, which causes it to be uber-sensitive and you're just accidentally doing a "select all" and then the next thing you type replaces it. Happened to Ashley's Macbook, too. Probably no longer under warranty, but they can fix it at the Apple Store for a fee. Not sure how much...probably depends on the model.

Lady Holiday said...

Oh, good to know, Donnie! Thanks. I'll have to get that checked out.