Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Alive, I Promise!

I guess I'm just not a blogger anymore. But I want to be! Blogging was easy in New York because there were so many strange and fascinating experiences to tell my faraway friends and family about. Now that I'm just living in a regular neighborhood, doing regular things, it doesn't seem like there is as much to say. Still, I guess there are interesting things that go on here.

My brother wants me to blog about how he had to film a re-enactment of a famous movie scene for a film class. He picked a scene from No Country For Old Men, asked my husband to be the star, and went on to win a huge A from his teacher for his perfect job. It was a lot of hard work, filming at a sketchy Durham motel for a few late nights, but it was fun. I got to help with the lights. Here is a still from the "movie."I could also talk about my garden. It's so fun to grow things, as my sister can tell you. Her blog is mainly about her gardening struggles in Arizona. Things are a little easier to grow in NC, but we do have our pests and problems as well. From the plague of cankerworms that rained from the sky and ate everything in sight to the mysterious case of the bee-balm that withered and died almost seconds after being planted, gardening can be perplexing. And yet, it is also so rewarding. We've just begun to harvest our beans and they are delicious!

Posts could be written about the neighborhood cat soap operas, the strange local architecture, the challenges of fixing up my home, going to the beach to eat Krispy Kreme's fresh from the factory, coming in first place at a local restaurant's trivia contest, the books I read, the dresses I make, or my baby brother's crazy wedding. I guess I do have a lot to talk about here. Maybe I'm just too busy doing all these things to write about them. But I want to!


jeff said...

I so get what you're going through. Blogging is much easier in New York. I'm off to a decent start on my new blog and hope I can keep it up, but who knows?

I like it when you blog about the books you read.

Just Julie said...

Yep, like Jeff, I'm right there with ya. Everything seems so boring now!! But it's good to have you back!