Tuesday, June 1, 2010


E took the screen off the big dormer window in the upstairs room of the house this afternoon and scared out a spider that landed on my mom, who was down on the floor looking at paint samples, deciding what the new color of the walls should be. Just as she began favoring Burnt Mocha over Rustic Nutberry, E started screaming and pointing and my mom jumped across the room. It was the fastest either one of them moved all day, so fast I didn't even get a glimpse of the spider before it died on the pine-green carpet, which I think looks best with Almond Taupe.

Anyway, today was one of those days when there seemed to be a spell cast over the house. As my dreams gave way to the birdsong outside my window, I wanted to wake up but my eyes never seemed to quite open all the way. After breakfast I crawled upstairs and got back into bed. Later, E and I went to the mall to look at dresses (for her) and swimsuits (for me) and for once I walked at her pace instead of mine (always a league ahead and urging her to hurry up.) No, today we both dragged our feet around the Streets at Southpoint, which was a good idea because otherwise I would have stayed in bed all day probably, doing nothing much. After the second store I made a beeline to the food court and ordered a big Diet Coke, which I think helped. At least, by the time we made it to Urban Outfitters, my eyes were open enough to see that all clothing made for young people these days is for hoochies.

I did find a swimsuit, but E didn't find a dress. We both found sunglasses, and I don't care if aviators are out of style, they look good on me. But I'm not used to wearing sunglasses and I forgot to put them on later as I lay by the pool, soaking up the last few rays of the sun before it slipped behind a big ol' rain-cloud. Kiana came over and sniffed at me and then walked away. I felt glued to the warm concrete, and closed my eyes, bidding sleep, but sleep wouldn't come. Later I found Kiana in the corner of the yard, standing with her silvery back hunched like she does these old days, under the branches of the black raspberry bushes. The berries are ripe when they come right off the stem with ease, and I enjoyed a few. Guess the birds haven't discovered them yet, so don't breathe a word. I gave Kiana one, and she ate it, but she's a good dog and didn't eat any berries off the vine. No, she ran over to the fence where the cats were watching us, and started barking at them. Why do dogs love to bother cats?

The cats just wanted food, and after that it must have been my supper time too, because mom had T-bones and baked potatoes dished out for us all. It was a holiday, after all. Full-bellied and still sleepy, I retired to the front porch where I rocked on the swing and talked on the phone to my sweetheart while twilight came up the driveway and fireflies lit up the grass. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more awake, but being sleepy all day today wasn't so bad, I guess.

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