Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brought To You By the Letter C

Yesterday I got the sweetest email from C saying, "let's go get our marriage license!" So he played hooky from work for a few hours and we drove out to the county seat. First we went to the courthouse where we were directed instead to the clerk's office by a very congratulatory old southern man. At the clerk's office we had to fill out a form, pay $60 in cash, and swear on a Bible that we were telling the truth. Then, amongst the huge books chronicling all the births, deaths, and marriages in the county for all of recorded history, C and I were given license to marry. It was just another step in the process that is drawing us closer together, entwining our lives, and in five weeks we'll be married!

The clerk's office was conveniently located above Whole Foods, so E suggested we pop in and grab a few lil bottles of Martinelli's apple cider and drink a toast to the occasion. The nearest park we could find was more of a cemetery, but that was fine with us, and E snapped a few pictures of me and C as we drank a bubbly toast and acted all cute amongst the clover-covered gravestones.

Later that afternoon I rode over to the feed store with my mom to pick up her new chicks. Peeping, scratching and pecking, they are so adorable and fluffy. My picture doesn't really do them justice, but they wouldn't sit still for the camera.

I also picked up a few bags of compost, and in the evening I drove over to C's house where we planted beans, tomatoes, and zinnias. The evening was cool and clear and it felt so satisfying to get my hands covered in rich dark earth and plan a vegetable-filled future with my man. After the crops were all in, we rewarded ourselves with dinner at a Chinese restaurant and, as we ate, the clouds came up and a short rain watered our garden, then stopped in time for me to drive home safely under a crescent moon. Lovely.

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