Monday, April 12, 2010


So what if I have been laying in my bed for the past 3 hours watching old episodes of America's Next Top Model? It's better than doing nothing. ...oh. Well, I just needed an escape for a moment. This week I've been sucked back into work, to help with a special event, and it is stressing me out. Add the stress of wedding planning, and I just don't feel like thinking or doing anything at the moment! It's a shame though, because New York is at its absolute most beautiful right now and, while I have been trying to enjoy it as much as possible, I resent having my time taken up with unneeded stress. Sigh... But the week will go by fast, and by this time next week it will all be over with! Then I'll have about ten more days to enjoy the beautiful city before saying goodbye to it. What do I plan to do? Visit musuems, walk through the parks, go to the opera, see sights, take pictures, party with friends, and generally just enjoy and revel in each moment and place. Oh, and pack!

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