Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Day

Bad Things About Today:

1. I had to go to work.
2. When I got home from work the freezer was open all by itself and everything was melted.
3. I went dress shopping and had a good time but didn't find my dream dress.
4. My ipod suddenly stopped working and nothing will revive it.
5. I got lost on the subway to Queens.
6. I got three bug bites (I'm a magnet, I tell you!)
7. The friend's number that I thought I had is mysteriously not in my phone (and I don't like my new phone either.)


Good Things About Today:

1. I got to see people that I like at work.
2. C sent me an adorable e-mail, like he does every single day (I am so lucky!)
3. The weather was SOOO gorgeous, and the city so pretty.
4. Last night my roommate bought me an apple fritter (okay, so it was last night, but last night falls within the span of the last 24 hours.)
5. I learned about the Amber Room.
6. I witnessed a completely freakin' crazy person acting like a cat in the 14th Street 1 station. (ha ha! I'm so glad this is on the good list!)
7. I got to hang out with my stylist Rachel and shop for wedding dresses, which is fun even when its fruitless.

So you see, there were good things that happened today. I'm trying to look on the bright side! But I'm so sad about my ipod!


westendgirl said...

What phone did you get?

Lady Holiday said...

I got the Motorola MOTO W755.

tkangaroo said...

Does the phone have video??? Because if so, and you didn't get video of the person acting like a cat, I may cry. A lot. :)

Carla said...

hello, that bad what happened to you, but just there to continue thinking positively, right? jejejejeje, but I agree with you to think of good things; D. ..