Thursday, March 18, 2010

North and South

Phew! That's me, breathing a sigh of relief to be home in North Carolina again, finally done (for the most part) with my job in New York, and able to rest, relax, and begin wedding plans. After a week of rain in the city and the longest last week of work ever, I was so looking forward to flying South, and putting winter behind me.

My last day of work was on Tuesday, and afterwards I celebrated by making a huge pot of clam chowder and inviting a few friends over to share it. Then, Wednesday saw me up and packing, heading to the bus stop early, making a beeline for the airport. It was a beautiful sunny morning in New York, so different from last Saturday when an "unnamed hurricane" swept through and made a mess of the entire city and its neighbors. After such a weekend, this Wednesday morning March sunshine felt strange and hot and Harlem lay exposed before the onslaught of Spring. I know when I go back to the city, there will be daffodils in all the parks, ice cream trucks on the corners, and people out sitting on stoops again.

Meanwhile, I spent today laying in a backyard sunbeam having my sister throw flowers at me. "These little blue flowers would make such pretty confetti at your wedding! You just need to hire some cheap laborers to pick tons of them for you." Earlier we went to David's Bridal to try on dresses. It was pretty disappointing, because they literally have nothing with sleeves. Nothing! The saleslady showed me some hideous little boleros that can be worn over the shoulders, or you can pay extra to have little slips of beaded nothing sewed over the shoulders, but everything is so ugly. I did find one dress that was pretty and looked good on me, but it was backless! Sigh... I guess my next step is or someplace like that, but... for some reason I feel like I'm running my fingernails down a chalkboard when I look at those sorts of websites. So I'm hoping to find something vintage, something unique and different, something modest but gorgeous, something me.

Anyway, I'll definitely keep you updated!


Stephanie said...

There a place near us that sells modest dresses. I have never had an occasion to visit the store, but here is the website

If you thought anything looked good you could do a road trip down here.

Just Julie said...

Hey, I thought you already had a dress--that gorgeous one you had on facebook that was vintage and lovely.

Just Julie said...

Read the posts not in order--sorry about the dress!