Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Family

One of the most interesting things about coming home and staying with my family is just observing what each person here is busy doing. I get a slice of life that I miss out on when I'm away in New York or living somewhere else. Last night when I came home from C's house (where we were doing a 2-person crossword puzzle--how cute are we?), my big brother was in the garage making DJ speakers from scratch. This morning my other brother was all excited to tell me about the book he is writing, about Bigfoot. Apparently it's going to be the definitive volume. And then I got to have the experience of helping my little sister bleach the roots of her hair. What else she is up to, I have no idea, but she keeps posting cryptic and angst-filled little paragraphs on facebook that make me wonder. Sigh... I can remember how difficult it was to be a young girl, and I wish I could just pick my sister up out of it and set her down somewhere safe, with a clear and inspiring view of her potential life ahead.

Meanwhile, my other sister had her baby yesterday, so I have a new nephew named Kyle Ashton!

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