Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching Up

Yay! The week is over, and that means I only have two more days left of work, four days until I get to go home to North Carolina, about 50 days until I move back there, and roughly 100 days until I get married, give or take a week (no! the date has still not been set, so stop asking me!) There has been so much to do that I have neglected to blog about it all, so here are the highlights:

First the bad news. The dress I was in love with has left me for another. I guess it was reserved for another buyer on etsy, and I didn't realize it, so interrupted the arrangement when I purchased it. So my money was refunded and now I'm back to square one, plan B, or the drawing board--whatever metaphor works the best. I'm sure I'll find something... and it is fun to shop, that's for sure! But I hope I find something wonderful and perfect. E has been helping me out by sending links to dresses she's finding on e-bay and there are some amazing ones there. However, I don't think I will pick this one:

Celebrity sighting of the week is Rudy Giuliani, who seems to be following me. First I saw him last month in Palm Beach, and this week he was walking past the store where I work, when he stopped to look at a watch in the window. He then decided to come in and my coworker showed the watch and chatted with him for a moment before Giuliani rushed back out the door, only to then be accosted by tourists wanting to take pictures of him with their cell phones.

My replacement at work was finally hired! H seems a lot like me when I first started out, except she doesn't know a single thing, so I'm a little bit worried about her, but she didn't give up after the first day, or even the second, so that's one good sign. She asks good questions, and seems pretty cheerful, so I just hope she's not beaten down by the daily onslaught of craziness that I faced each day at that job.

I went out to Johnny Utah's on Wednesday night with some girls from work who wanted to give me a little bachelorette night of sorts. Johnny Utah's is such a popular place, I was expecting it to be lame, but it was actually really fun. Aside from Megan spilling her margarita into my shoe, I enjoyed hanging out with the downstairs girls. They even convinced me to go for a ride on the mechanical bull, which was pretty fun. And since I was the only one who rode it sober, I did an excellent job not falling off.

On Thursday night I went to a bridal shower for a girl in my ward who is getting married today, actually. The shower was held at this apartment on the 18th floor of a building (in Harlem) with huge windows overlooking Central Park North, so the view of the city skyline was amazing. The other perks of that night were getting to hold someone's newborn sleeping baby while sitting right next to the bride as she opened all her presents, and eating soul food (the greatest talent of the Harlem First Ward Relief Society) for dinner after a long day at work.

Today when I went to the Harlem Knitting Circle, I wasn't expecting to find myself writing a letter to Oprah Winfrey, but that's what I did. The lady in charge of the group is having some financial problems, and is also trying to become foster parent to a child who needs a stable home, and is at her wits end, so she is having everyone she knows write to Oprah for help. I don't know if she's even got a chance, but you never know. And I find it so interesting how Oprah has become to so many women an intercessory figure, with the power to reach down from Olympus, as it were, and bestow beneficence. (Oprah, if you do feel like helping us Harlem girls out, I've got a few ideas myself!)

Hmmm, what else happened this week? There must have been more, but it's all in the past now.

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