Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of Course, The Cookies!

My new favorite pastime is shocking people by telling them that I'm engaged. It's fun to see people's reactions, because nobody saw it coming! On Tuesday, my Israeli watch dealer/cookie supplier brought me a little bag of my favorite shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate from Sant Ambroeus, and when I told him my news, and flashed my diamond ring at him, he was quite surprised too. But after congratulating me, he said that he's not really surprised, "It was the cookies that did it," he said. According to him, the cookies he's brought me every week have kept me so happy, relaxed, contented, and therefore more charming. "The cookies made you beautiful, so no wonder you found a husband!" If not this guy, he said, another would have snapped me up soon enough. And just then another watch dealer--a creepy strange one--walked in and said, "Yeah, I had my eye on you, but now I'm too late!" I laughed at them both, smiling inwardly at the thought of cookies leading to love. And I have my own theories as to what brought my man and I together, but I sure have appreciated my weekly gift of cookies, and I will miss them when I'm gone. I wonder if Sant Ambroeus ships?

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