Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Lost It

Everyone says I'm walking around with my head in the clouds, without a care in the world. It's true that the three days of non-stop snow hasn't even registered with me. I'm seeing sunshine and rainbows in my mind. So yesterday, when my boss' wife ran over to my desk and demanded to know: "Will you definitely be here tomorrow no matter what?" I just smiled and said "yah." I've been operating on an amazing combination of sleep deprivation, euphoria, and Diet Coke, which seems to be working just fine. Except for yesterday morning when, early in the workday, Dali pointed out that I'd worn a pair of torn stockings to work. I bent to take a look, and bumped my head very hard on the side of the huge refrigerator-sized safe. That required a sit-down, a few Excedrins, and a few hours before I felt right again. But it probably kind of woke me up.

Maybe the daze I'm in has caused my recent spate of forgetfulness and propensity to lose things. On Wednesday I was convinced that I'd lost my watch for good. My darling little gold watch that I put on every morning wasn't on the bedside table where I always put it. I searched around my room to no avail, and since I had jury duty that morning, I spent the entire time mourning the loss of my watch, which I finally convinced myself had somehow fallen off my wrist onto the street, where I'd rushed unconsciously away, listening only to the sound of my i-pod earphones. However, that night when I went home I decided to search one more place, and found the watch in the pocket of the jeans I'd worn Tuesday night. A relief! But strange to have no memory of ever taking the watch off and putting it there.

Last night Peter called and demanded to see the hardware. He didn't want to borrow the drill, he wanted to see my ring! So I went over to his house, where I found my roommates congregated (skipping Institute class) watching the Olympics. After an hour or so of watching, I decided I needed to go get my computer so I could get a few things done, so I went back out into the blustery snow-filled night, only to discover when I got to my door that my apartment keys were no longer on my keychain! I couldn't believe it, and searched my pockets to no avail. Finally I just went back to Peter's house and borrowed my roommate's keys. But on my way back home again, even though I was sure that some miscreant had found my keys, entered the building and tried every door until they found mine and then stole all of my belongings, I decided to look very carefully on the ground. And, as luck would have it, amidst the horizontally blowing wind that was piling the fist-sized snowflakes into huge drifts, I looked down and noticed the tiniest glint of metal from under a patch of snow, and it was my keys! Thanking the storm, because on any other night the keys would have been ultra-visible and a temptation to any passerby, I scooped them up and felt the wave of relief wash over me.

The thing is, I'm not a forgetful person, and I rarely lose things (E will say except for metro cards!) but the past few days seem to prove otherwise. Hopefully its not a trend that will last. Then again, if it means coming down from this wonderful high that I'm on from being in love and engaged to be married, then forget about it--I'll just have to accept the fact that I'm going to lose things on a daily basis from now on. I have never felt like this before.

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