Friday, February 19, 2010


Apparently, I've got the electric feel. (Shock me like an electric eel! Oh great, now I have that song in my head.) As I walked out the door this morning to run some errands (yes, I was skipping work), I slipped my i-pod into my pocket, and put the earphones in. Then I wrapped my scarf around my neck, and immediately the static electricity zipped along the wires and right into my ears. Then I was really awake. Walking down the street, my ears got a few more little jolts, and then as I acclimated to the dry cold winter air and street, the electricity seemed to die down. A girl I know once told me that whenever her hair gets all staticky, it invariably snows a few days later. I'm hoping that New York City has had its allotment of snow for the year. Today was sunny and clear and lovely, and most of the snow is finally melting away. I don't mind the big piles of it, keeping the city cool on ice, but my heart is beginning to yearn for spring.

There is another electricity running through me. Jolts and bolts of excitement, anticipation, happiness, love. In fact, although I am no physicist, I have been doing some studies of electromagnetics. Basically, by running electric current through a wire, a magnetic field is created. And, metaphorically, I am noticing that the electricity caused by two people in love causes another sort of magnetic effect. The electromagnetic field can be used to create energy, like light, and the same is true with the two electrically magnetically affected hearts. Happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone.

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I feel like you're leaving out a key piece of information here.