Thursday, December 17, 2009

Highlights of the Day

Top Ten Things That Happened Today

10. It was, finally, the day before Friday!

9. I have been assured job security at least through the middle of February, because my boss asks me to assist with the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show. It will be a lot of work, but I'm excited to get a free trip to (hopefully) warm and sunny Palm Beach in midwinter!

8. At work we (finally!) got a gorgeous pine wreath that smells so delicious. I just want to stand next to it all day and drink in the scent of the forest.

7. I went Christmas shopping and now I am almost all done. I just have a few more things to pick up, plus about 6 crocheted flower pins to make for the ladies I work with, and a billion cookies to bake.

6. It was only about 20 degrees today, with a biting wind, but I wore my new rain/snow boots and was perfectly toasty warm.

5. When I came home after work I got off the subway and decided to try a tamale from the Mexican lady who sells them every night on Broadway. She was wearing about five coats to keep warm, and keeps the tamales warm in a big plastic chest. She asked if I wanted it hot, and I thought she meant temperature-wise, but it turned out to be very very muy caliente spicy-wise. It was good though, and probably my vote for the best single item a dollar can buy in this city.

4. Thursday is cookie day! My Italian watch-dealer admirer brought his weekly gift of cookies from Sant Ambreous, but this time he brought not only the shortbread cookies which I adore, he also brought some delicious chocolate walnut cookies. They were of course divine, but the shortbreads are still my favorites, and I am delighted that they make them in the shape of stars this time of year to be festive!

3. All the money I hope I get for a Christmas bonus was spontaneously spent on one adorable dress from Anthropologie. I just could not live without it in my life. And I don't feel guilty. This could be bad or good.

2. I got Christmas cards in the mail. One of them is from my Grandma, who wrote on the inside: Merry Christmas! How you doing? Love, Aunt Laura. I had to do a double take, and then I couldn't stop laughing. Well, she is about 89 years old, so I guess she's entitled to forget that she's my grandma and not my aunt.

1. My ex-boyfriend called and we had a delightful chat. I feel so grown-up, being able to finally talk and laugh with him like a semi-normal person without getting all emotional. Anyway, this is a guy whose identity is wrapped up in the music he listens to, and he prides himself on being up on the latest most of-the-moment sounds as far as indie-rock is concerned. He basically taught me everything I know when it comes to music. But apparently the student has surpassed the master. He said he recently went out and bought The Drums EP "Summertime" and when he listened to it he loved it and was surprised that he recognized some of the songs. Then he realized that two of them were on a mix I made for him late this summer. Ha ha! I beat him. It seems silly, but it really made my day to know that he respects my musical knowledge and that I found an awesome band and shared it with him before he found it on his own, because in the past it was always the other way around.

P.S. Sorry about the pictureless posts lately. I am both tired and lazy.


Donnie Barnes said...

I'm feeling a bit, err, hosed. I WANT MY NUMBER ONE! THERE WAS NO NUMBER ONE! That is all. :-)

Lady Holiday said...

Sorry, Donnie. I had been rearranging the items, and ended up with two #5 items. So I fixed it... Are you happy now?!

Donnie Barnes said...

Yes, much happiness has filled my heart with overflowing joyousness! :P