Wednesday, November 11, 2009

La Maison

There ought to be more hours in the day. Either that or we shouldn't require so much sleep. I could get so much more done if I didn't have to sleep all night long.

But despite having to sleep a few times during the past several days, I have managed to do some fun things. In fact, I forgot to write about the chocolate tasting that I went to last Thursday night at La Maison du Chocolat.

My bosses were getting ready to go out of town and one day at work Mrs. F came up to me and said, "Would you be interested in using my ticket to this chocolate--" and before she could even finish the sentence, I was nodding my head and saying "YES." She laughed, but it's no secret that I love me some chocolate.

A private event for local businesspeople, it was La Maison's chance to remind companies to buy chocolates for clients as holiday gifts, but my opportunity to gorge on the most delicious chocolates this side of heaven. Beautifully arranged stacks of chocolates greeted me as I entered, and while all the other guests were heading over for free champagne, I indulged in a sensational truffle or two. I did a good job of walking around looking studiously at all the products and paging through the corporate gift idea catalog in between "sampling" the truffles and macarons, and then "cleansing my palate" with a fresh strawberry or slice of prosciutto on a crostini. Not wanting to turn into the chocolate-world's version of the person who only goes to art openings in order to pig out on cheese and grapes, I successfully resisted the urge to fill my handbag with chocolates. In fact, I behaved very professionally, and even asked questions about the products for sale.

The most fun was watching an employee demonstrate how to make chocolate ganache (a.k.a. the food of the gods). All it really takes is four chocolate bars mixed with 2 cups of superhot (boiling?) cream steeped with cinnamon (or anything flavorful), whisked slowly from the center until becoming a velvety, blissful chocolate sauce good for frosting, spreading on toast (yes, thank you) or a croissant, or chilling and rolling into truffles (dust with cocoa powder). Or, you can just eat a little cupful of hot ganache with a spoon and call it a night, which is what I did, ignoring the uberskinny blond girl next to me who refused to accept a cup of the ganache that was being passed around. "I'll just have a tiny taste of yours, honey," she said to the man that was with her. Scoff. Some people just don't know how to live.

The best part? A gift bag on the way out the door! Filled with more chocolates, of course. A girl could get used to this.

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tkangaroo said...

Yes, please! Sign me up! It kind of reminds me of a friend's post here: Happy Chocolating!