Monday, October 12, 2009

Worth It's Weight

Gold is up over $1050 an ounce today! Tomorrow I'm going to take some old chains and stuff to 47th Street and scrap them for cash. Last week we had an event at work, and I overhead some of the guests talking about gold. "It's the one thing that lasts forever," one woman said to another. It's true. Gold is constantly recycled and reshaped, melted and molded, but it never goes away, never spoils or rusts. Not only is gold beautiful, it's useful for all kinds of things from coins to dentistry, from spacesuit visors to arthritis medicine. It's really the best stuff there is. You can even eat it--but I wouldn't go that far. However, I will use the money I get from scrapping my gold to buy a few lunches for myself this week. Check your jewelry boxes and your junk drawers. You might have some old earring backs or a broken 14k chain or something that you can sell for cash. Now's the time!

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