Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Chilly Winds

This is my 501st blog post! It's pretty amazing to think that I've had that much to say. And what do I have to say tonight? Not much, really. I'm blogging tonight because I have an hour until Peter and I leave to go to the rock'n'roll show and I'd rather blog than pick up my room, even if it looks like a tornado has come and gone. Peter is forgiven for cooking lobster at his house and not inviting me (he told me he was washing his dishes!) and for making fun of High Noon, because on Sunday he gave me a band-aid for the cut on my foot. However, if he starts lecturing me tonight about how I need to do something with my life, I'm not hanging out with him anymore. Then again, I need him to take a picture of me wearing my new shoes and coat, which I am in love with. The shoes are Coach, bought for a song from Marshall's--high heeled, black suede Mary Janes with cute oversized gold snaps on each side. They will by my winter staple, along with the soft-gray houndstooth wool coat I found at Marshall's too. All my life I have wanted a houndstooth coat, and now that I have one I can't imagine anything more chic. Now I just need to whip out a few crocheted scarves and hats in bright colors (red red, turquoise, neon pink, and yellow!) and my winter wardrobe will be complete. The chilly winds have already begun to blow. Luckily, the steam heat has come on in my apartment, and the place is cozy and snug, despite the dry wind that blows across the river and forms the dead leaves into scuttling heaps outside. Soon there will be ice on the pavement and snow in the air, and I'll be complaining about how long the winter is lasting.

Anyway, I appreciate all of my blog readers and will not bore them any longer today with ramblings! I guess its time to transform myself into a glam hip-but-not-hipster kind of girl, and rock another night away.


Donnie Barnes said...

Sometimes it's the hasty post that can convey so much. Enjoyable read! Have an excellent evening and do be sure to post a pic of the new shoes and coat!

Dr Jenn said...

I can't wait to see the pic of the shoes and coat too. The shoes sound NICE and I too have always wanted a hounds tooth coat!

Happy 501 post!