Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Brother

My brother is in New York with me! It's so funny to have him here, walking around Harlem with me, because I've told him so many stories about my life here that it's funny to have him here with me in the places that I've tried to describe to him so many times. I've got the rest of the week off work and we're going to just see the sights and take in all the fun that the city has to offer us. I'm sure we will visit Central Park often, attend many museums, climb a skyscraper or two, and eat a bunch of delicious food. He arrived tonight and took the bus from the airport to 125th Street where I met him at the Apollo. Unfortunately there was no Amateur Night going on, so instead we just hopped on another bus and went to my house. I gave him the tour, and we fiddled with my computers for a while, and then I showed him Fairway, our amazing grocery store, and the Hudson River, and Dinosaur Barbecue, and then we got $3 sub sandwiches at the corner deli (free can of soda!) and went up on the roof of my building (secretly) and took pictures of New Jersey and stuff, and now we're just sitting around planning what we're going to do the rest of the weekend. It will be nice to have a break from work, and I'm so happy that it's going to be 73 degrees and sunny tomorrow!

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dr jenn said...

enjoy your brother. I miss getting subs for $3 bucks. sigh.