Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Week in Short

Monday, August 10. Probably the hottest day of the summer so far, with humidity to match. Had lunch in Central Park with new French boyfriend. He's not really my boyfriend, but he thinks he is. Wants to have lunch with me every single day. Le sigh.

Tuesday, August 11. Spent the day running errands for my boss. On my lunch break I ran errands for myself. After work I went running around the Riverbank State Park and along Riverside Park. Sore ankles mean I am in need of new running shoes.

Wednesday, August 12. On my lunch break, watched a maintenance guy taking the flag down from a pole outside the CBS building on 52nd Street. I wondered if he was taking it down because it was about to rain. But his way of rolling the American Flag into a big ball and carrying it stuffed under his arm didn't seem to jive with the kind of flag-respect that keeps the flag out of the rain.

Thursday, August 13. Last day of work before boss goes on vacation, which meant no lunch break for me, too bad for French Boyfriend. Much of day spent writing frantic emails from my boss to other boss requesting payouts to watch vendors, and searching for paperwork regarding said payouts. Mollified one freakishly rude customer. Several times during the day counted freakishly huge stacks of $100 bills, and held a handful of gold Krugerands. Alas, none for me.

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