Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally! I have a moment to unpack a few boxes. But I'm distracted so easily by a book, the computer, the sunset over the river right outside my window, the creepy sounds of being home alone in a new apartment... Actually I love being home alone. It's one of my most favorite things. Of course I do miss E. I guess I forgot to tell you blog-readers that she was leaving, figuring that a lot of you already knew. She is moving on to a new adventure in the Southwest. She's gone back to school for animation and archeology in Arizona. If she was on Sesame Street, she would be brought to you by the letter A. I saw her off this morning, bright and early, and I cried a little bit, wondering what was going to happen to each of us next and if it would be as fun as the times we had here in the city together. Hopefully she made it home all right--she's probably out shopping right now with mom and K, or swimming in the pool. I'm eating her leftover birthday cake, trying to decide which box to unpack next.

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