Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Storm

Another 95 degree day with 95 percent humidity. The subway platforms are almost unbearable, and then I usually somehow end up in the car with the broken air conditioning. If you see a relatively empty car on an otherwise packed train, there's a reason for that. Jess and Martina came over after work and we sweated it out eating cupcakes and fiddling with origami. We're planning another craft night. Jess said my new apartment feels like a house at Thanksgiving time, which I took as a great compliment. Afterwards, I hung pictures. Hanging pictures is my favorite part of moving into a new place. It's fun deciding where each picture will go, and then when they are hung the whole place feels so much more like home.

Later, a huge storm rolled up, and I watched it approach--had a front row view from my living room window. The lightning came up over New Jersey and as the thunder clapped and fat raindrops fell, people swarmed out of the park. The wind whined around my building, and I turned off the lights and watched, mesmerized, as long eerie lightning bolts feathered down from the roiling black sky. Eventually, the storm moved south and the clouds began to disperse. I was surprised at how little it rained. Nature is so mysterious, so strange, and so beautiful.

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